Dr. Georg Lind (Chair), apl. Prof em. Universität Konstanz

Georg Lind, born in 1947, is married and has three children. He studied psychology, philosophy, economics and linguistics in Mannheim, Braunschweig and Heidelberg. He received a master's degree (Diplom)in psychology from the University of Heidelberg, a doctorate in social sciences (Dr. rer. soc,) from the University of Konstanz, and a doctorate in philosophy (Dr. phil. habil.) from the Catholic University of Eich¬stätt.

In the 1970s and 80s, he was a research associate in the DFG Special Research Area on Educational Research at the University of Konstanz, where he worked on the international longitudinal study on the development of university students in five European countries (including two then communist countries, Poland and Yugoslavia). During this time, he developed his theory of moral competence and an objective test to make it visible without using dubious statistical models or subjective interpretations: the Moral Competence Test (MCT).

Based on the work of Lawrence Kohlberg (Harvard), he developed the Kon¬stanz Method Dilemma Discussion (KMDD) to make Kohlberg's method more teachable and effective (applicable to all people from about 8 years of age). He offers KMDD workshop seminars in many countries, from Chile to China, and a KMDD teacher training and certification program. He has advised ministries of education (Hamburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Ba-Wü and Colombia) on morality and democracy education, and in 1983-1990, together with Jürgen Raschert, Fritz Oser and Sybille Reinhardt, he conducted the school pilot project "Democracy and Education in Schools" (DES) in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Together with colleagues from several countries, he founded the Institute for Moral-Democratic Competence (IMDC e.V.) in 2020. The IMDC's mission is to provide continuing education in this field.

His book „How to Teach Moral Competence“ (Berlin, Logos) received this year's Outstanding Book Award from the Moral Development and Education Special Interest Group (MDE-SIG) of the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

Apl. Prof em. Dr. Georg Lind (Chair)